The goal of our collaboration is to increase the percentage of Mason City citizens who hold post-secondary education or career related credentials – on the job training, vocational certificates, apprenticeships, 2-year, 4-year and beyond – by 5% each year to meet the forecasted job market requirements.

According to census data as of 2017, post-secondary attainment levels in Mason City, Iowa are as follows:

In order to meet our goal, we have come up with the following strategies:

We have collected data around these objectives and actively use it to drive the action teams that work to make a difference and increase the percentages to reach our goal. To see the full Data Dashboard, please click on the link below:

Current Action Projects:

Mason City High School Sophomores
Launch Your Life: 4-day Mock Interview program with community professionals

Mason City High School Seniors
Summer Melt: We will work with graduating seniors throughout the summer to remind them of deadlines and assist with questions as they prepare to depart for college or a career.

Mason City Resource Page
This page has been added to our website to answer our citizen’s commonly asked questions about post-secondary education.  We hope it will be a worthy resource for everyone!

Adult Learner Barrier Issues
Community Survey completed Feb 2019

Adult Learners
Currently planning future initiatives